Is a mixture of high-absorbent resins and coconut carbon. This is an exclusive product produce by PRODAC INTERNATIONAL with a wide range of functions and powerful organic removal capacity. Coconut carbon helps to remove metabolic waste, coloring agent, medical and organic pollutant. Resins effectively controls ammonia, nitrates and phosphates. AKTIVKOHLE PLUS has been pre-washed to avoid altering the pH level thus maintaining the resins damp and active.

Available size:

200 gr - Item code AK200

400 gr - Item code AK400

Put the media in a filter bag, AKTIVKOHLE PLUS should be placed near the water flow through it so that it could achieve the best result. It can be used in external or biological filtration system. Each 200 gr treats up to 80-100L, and 400gr treats up to 200L. Replace AKTIVKOHLE PLUS every 3 months. Warning: remove AKTIVKOHLE PLUS whenever medication treatments are used. Suitable for use in freshwater and marine.