Vegetable based activated carbon ideal for chemical and biological filtering for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. This carbon “adsorbs” a variety of polluting substances: medicinal and organic pollutants, pesticides, toxins, and excrements maintaining the water clean and crystal clear.

Available size:

300 gr - Item code CCAR

1 Kg - Item code CCAR1KG

25 Kg - Item code CCARSACCO

Rinse this product with running water for a few minutes and then place in the external filter or in the biological filter, and if possible between two pieces of synthetic fibre for mechanical filtration ( for ex. PRODAC’S FILTERWATTE). Our 300 gr packet is sufficient for 100 - 150 litre aquariums and our 1000 gr packet is sufficient for aquariums with capacities up to 500 – 600 litres. Replace this product every 90 days. CAUTION: always remove CLAROCAR from the filtering system when using treatments.