Filtering medium blend made with 50% super-activated carbon (CLAROCAR) and 50% best selected zeolite (ZEOLITE) for fresh and marine water aquarium. Activated carbon absorbs the polluting pigments produced by the decomposition of many substances in aquarium, such as food waste, dead algae and plants. Zeolite absorbs and neutralizes nitrites, nitrates, silicates and ammonia, keeping the aquarium water crystal clear. On the basis of very positive tests made at their own laboratories, PRODAC guarantee excellent results by using CARBO ZEO as filtering medium.

Available size:

700 gr - Item code CARBO

Fill a fine mesh bag with the media, place it in the external filter or in the biological filter located under the centrifugal pump so that water passes through it completely. Packet of 700 gr sufficient for 120 to 150 l aquarium. The product must be replaced every 90 days.