PRODAC INTERNATIONAL An Italian company global leader in the world of aquariums and ponds for more than forty years. Mr Zanon Ferruccio, founder of the company, was one of Italy's pioneers in the field of fishkeeping since the 1970s. In 1976 PRODAC. was founded (the name stands for “prodotti d’acquario”, aquarium products) with the idea of using their passion and experience at the service of fish keepers in search of quality and competence. Since the 1970s, the company began producing water treatments, filter media, test kits and 99.9% pure salt for marine aquariums, fish food and many other items. In the 2000s, following the family tradition, the sons Mauro and Giovanni joined the management team, bringing with them new skills and energy. During this period PRO.D.AC. began its expansion and started exporting all over the world, effectively becoming an “International” company. Strict selection of the best raw materials, proper combination thanks to a careful analysis by our Research and Development team, full management of the production process allow PRO.D.AC. to provide the market with top-quality products, all the while restricting production costs. Our products are appreciated all over the world for their excellent quality/price ratio.

Today, PRODAC INTERNATIONAL exports to more than 50 countries in 5 continents.


The thing our clients hold dear more than anything else is the well-being of their fish. PRODAC guarantees their well-being at a fair price, respecting the environment. 

For this reason, our guiding values are:

• the well-being of the fish;

• respect for the environment;

• products made in Italy.


Thanks to the professionalism of our proposals and the known quality of our Italian-made products, today PRODAC INTERNATIONAL is a globally recognised brand, exported worldwide through a network of specialised distributors and retailers.


The quality of our products is personally guaranteed by the Zanon family, now in its second generation in the business and always involved first-hand in the management of the company, capable of creating an efficient industrial production with the artisan quality and craft that only a fishkeeper can guarantee.


PRODAC works side by side with technologists, veterinarians and biologists to define the most balanced and nourishing contents for the food it produces. Its wide range of fish food can meet any specific need, always ensuring healthy, complete and digestible meals.


The best results in terms of fish well-being, health and longevity can be obtained with specific products for different types, families and sizes of fish. This is why PRODAC  has studied a wide range of foods, water tests and water treatment systems, filtration materials and many other products, to ensure the proper functioning of your ornamental fish tank.