Is are quick dissolving marine salt specific for reef aquariums with a grade of purity just under 100%. Research, development and production of salt are carried out at the laboratories of PRODAC INTERNATIONAL. This product is MADE IN ITALY. This salt contains all the necessary trace elements for ensuring a correct fish and invertebrates growth and are further fortified with calcium and vitamins for stimulating growth and strengthening invertebrates with rigid skeleton. All of these substances remain unaltered when the salts dissolve.

Available size:

4 Kg - Box - Item code OR120

6,6 Kg - Bag - Item code OR200

20 Kg - Box - Item code OR20KG

20 Kg - Bucket - Item code OR20KGS

30 Kg - Bucket - Item code OR30KG

Dissolve the required quantity of salt in fresh water at a temperature of 24°C. The ratio is 33 gr per 1 litre of water, mix well and if possible utilize osmotic water. This solution can be prepared either in non-toxic plastic containers or directly in the aquarium. If utilizing directly in the aquarium, we recommend that you start up the centrifugal pump to obtain an optimum mix. It is recommended to always control the density of salt water, if it is lower than 1025 add OCEAN REEF until obtaining the required level, if the density is over 1025 add fresh water. This salt solution can be used immediately, however it is recommended to wait 12 hours before putting the fish in the aquarium. For maintaining a correct marine environment in the aquarium, it is necessary to change 25% of the water monthly and adding at each water change the indispensable trace elements for a correct biological balance (e.g. PRODAC’S MAGIC TRACE ELEMENTS). Always keep the product out of reach of children. WARNING: avoid contact with eyes as this product can cause irritation, in case of contact immediately rinse eyes with plenty of water.