Is a natural soft, porous and gravel (2-6 mm) bottom soil consisting of clay, zeolite and soils rich in trace elements ideal for planted freshwater aquariums. FERTIL PLANT is a natural and nutritional product absorbed through the plant roots ideal for promoting a lush and healthy growth. It also increases oxygenation at the bottom of the aquarium and does not cloud the water.

Available size:

1,8 Kg - Item code FERTIL1.8

3,2 Kg - Item code FERTIL

Do not wash the product to avoid eliminating the active substances. Cover the bottom of the tank with a 1 cm layer and then cover with a 6-7 cm layer of gravel. Before filling the aquarium with water we recommend you cover the gravel with a nylon sheet to avoid moving the bottom soil when filling. It is not a PPP (plant protection product). This is not a fertilizer.

A 3,2 Kg bag is sufficient for a 100x40 cm aquarium.

A 1.8 Kg bag is sufficient for a 80x30 cm aquarium.


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