Bottom soil ideal for aquatic plants consisting of several types of clay. It is the perfect product in particular for all types of Cryptocoryne, Heteranthera zosteraefolia (star grass), Aponogeton madagascariensis (Madagascar lace-leaf), Aponogeton ulvaceus, Echinodorus tenellus (Pygmy chain sword). HUMUPLUS helps to lower the pH value and Redox potential of the water allowing greater activity of the fertilizing properties which are then easily assimilated by the plants.

Available size:

500 gr - Item code HUMUS

Cover the bottom of the aquarium with a 1.5 cm deep layer of HUMUPLUS, avoid packing it down and then cover with a 6-7 cm deep layer of gravel. This product maintains its efficiency for a long period of time (approximately 2 years) and should be replaced at each new aquarium set up. Caution: before filling the tank with water, it is recommended to cover the gravel with a nylon sheet to avoid that the jets of water move the soil below. It is possible that the water initially will turn a pale amber colour, this is due to the humic acid content of the HUMUPLUS peat. It is not a PPP (plant protection product). This is not a fertilizer.

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