REEF STRONTIUM is a liquid source of strontium. The formulation has been studied and adapted in our Research and Development laboratory to be perfectly assimilable by corals at the times of greatest demand and is in such a form as to be easily assimilated. Strontium is used by hard corals for the creation of their skeleton and in fact acts as a centre of calcification as the bond with carbonates results in the production of salts. The presence of strontium in small percentages gives the entire coral skeleton greater stability and resistance. In the absence or scarcity of this element, coral does not halt its growth process, but replaces it with calcium atoms that have some chemical-physical analogies, but which will make the skeleton somewhat fragile. For this reason, the correct dosage of all the elements necessary for corals allows them to grow with strength and colour.

Available size:

250 ml - Item code RST