REEF CALCIUM is a liquid source of calcium. The formulation has been studied and adapted in our Research and Development laboratory to be perfectly assimilable by corals at the times of greatest demand (Calcification) and is in such a form as to be assimilated without requiring too much power. The skeleton of corals, CALCAREOUS algae, molluscs and many invertebrates is largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates. Calcium is an essential nutrient that is absorbed by corals and by other marine invertebrates and plays a vital role in their growth. An imbalance in levels within the marine aquarium can change the alkalinity of the water. REEF CALCIUM makes calcium immediately available for the aquarium and offers a rich source of metabolic energy, essential to help maintain the coral growth peak and support them in the calcification phase. Seawater, and consequently that of aquariums, is rich in calcium carbonate as vegetal and animal organisms, sessile and floating, form calcium carbonate using bicarbonate ions and calcium ions present in water, according to the following process of formation of the carbonates by precipitation:

Ca²+ + 2HCO³- ↔ CaCO³ + CO² +H²O:

CaCO³ = calcium carbonate

CO² = carbon dioxide

H²O = water

Ca²+ = calcium ions

HCO³- = bicarbonate ions

At normal temperatures and pressures salt, CaCO³, is essentially insoluble in water but the solubility increases with pressure and decreases with temperature; calcium carbonate by reverse reaction dissolves and dissociates into Ca²+ and CO³²- making calcium available for the invertebrates present in the aquarium.

Aquarium content  Consumption of elements
SPS (small polyp stony corals)  High
LPS (large polyp stony corals)  Medium
Soft corals  Low
Aquarium of fish only  Very low


Available size:

250 ml - Item code RCA

Shake the bottle before use, pour 10 ml (= 1 cap full) for every 100 litres of water directly into the aquarium. Treatment on average is once a week. Increase treatment (every 4-5 days) if there are numerous invertebrates in the aquarium. It is highly recommended to keep the product out of reach of children.