Concentrated solution of trace elements, containing potassium, iodine, fluorine, manganese, molybdenum, boron, zinc, nickel, lithium and iron. MARINE TRACE ELEMENTS guarantees optimal development, growth and colouration (pink, red, green/yellow, purple/blue) of LPS, SPS and soft corals. Iodine in soft corals helps protect the mucus and promotes the development of the pink colour. It is also essential for the correct metabolism of fish, corals and crustaceans; iron promotes green/yellow colouring; boron promotes red, pink and purple colouring; manganese favours blue and red colouring.

Available size:

250 ml - Item code RTR

Shake the bottle before use, pour 10 ml (= 1 cap full) for every 100 litres of water directly into the aquarium. Treatment on average is once a week. It is highly recommended to keep the product out of reach of children.