A filtering media consisting of specific resins which adsorb phosphates and silicates found in fresh and saltwater aquariums and do not release the adsorbed substances in the water. It is recommended that phosphate concentration in freshwater aquariums does not exceed 0.3 mg/l as this promotes the ideal conditions for algae growth, whereas in saltwater aquariums it is highly recommended that the phosphate concentration does not exceed 0.1 mg/l otherwise this condition affects the natural process of calcium absorption by organisms in the aquarium which require this vital substance such as red coralline algae, hard corals.

Available size:

200 ml - Item cod NOP200

Fill a fine mesh bag with the product, rinse under running water for approximately 3 minutes and position in the biological filter preferably located underneath the recirculation pump so that the water passes though it completely or position the bag with the product in the external filter. NO PHOSPHATES can be also placed in a fluidised bed filter in saltwater aquariums fitted with this system, in this way the product is continuously moved by the constant water flow. Dosage: 200 ml of product is sufficient for 800 litre freshwater aquariums and 400 litre saltwater aquariums, 100 ml of product is sufficient for 400 litre freshwater aquariums and 225 litre saltwater aquariums. When to replace this filter media depends on the quantity of phosphates and silicates in the water, however it is recommended to replace with new media every four months. There are no adverse effects in the event the recommended dosage is exceeded.



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