A filtering media consisting of specific resins which adsorb nitrates found in freshwater aquariums and do not release the adsorbed substances in the water. It is recommended that nitrates concentration is maintained below 50 mg/l to prevent creating the ideal conditions for algae growth.

Available size:

200 ml - Item code NON200

Fill the fine mesh bag provided with the product, rinse under running water for approximately 3 minutes and position in the biological filter preferably located underneath the recycle pump so that the water passes though it completely or position the bag with the product in the external filter. Dosage: 100 ml is sufficient for 400 litres of water. When to replace this product depends on the quality of nitrates in the water, however it is recommended to replace every six months. There are no adverse effects in the event the recommended dosage is exceeded. The packaging contains 2 bags x 100 ml of product.


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