This product consists of special ion exchange resins which reduce the total water hardness in freshwater aquariums. The ideal total water hardness for tropical fish must be maintained under 8 °dGH - German degrees of hardness (approximately 14 °fGH – French degrees of hardness), whereas total water hardness GH of tap water is on average 11 °dGH - German degrees of hardness and often higher. MUTACAL resins activate an ionic exchange process which is the exchange of the ions in the water with other ions attached to the resins. This process lowers the water hardness in the aquarium to a safe level for the fish.

Available size:

250 ml - Item code MCAL

The packet contains 250 gr of resins which is sufficient for 130 litres of water. Depending on aquarium capacity, fill a fine mesh bag with the required quantity of MUTACAL resins and place it in a suitable position so that the water passes through it. After 24 hours test water hardness (for ex. use PRODAC’S water test PRODACTEST GH) if hardness results to be at an acceptable level, remove the bag containing the resins. If total hardness is still too high, replace the bag in the aquarium after having first regenerated the resins. To regenerate the resins proceed as follows: dissolve 500 gr of salt in two litres of water, place the fine mesh bag containing the resins in a funnel or similar container and pour the saltwater solution over the bag, collect the water in a container and reusing the water collected repeat this operation for about ten minutes. Once these resins have been regenerated, reposition in the aquarium as previously described. Caution: do not remove the resins from the mesh bag and for future use maintain them moist. If these resins dry out, they become ineffective and cannot be reutilised. MUTACAL resins can be regenerated up to three times.


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