Thanks to our wide proposals and the excellent quality/price ratio, today PRODAC INTERNATIONAL exports its own products into 50 countries around the world on 5 continents. A globally recognized brand, exported worldwide through the distribution network made up of the best distributor and aquariums stores.

An Italian company global leader in the world of aquariums and ponds for more than forty years. Since the 1970s, the company began producing water treatments, filter media, test kits and pure salt for marine aquariums, fish food and many other items.

Strict selection of the best raw materials, proper combination thanks to a careful analysis by our Research and Development team, full management of the production process allow PRODAC to provide the market with top-quality products.


PRODAC AQUASALZ is oxygenating salts formulated which dissolve waste deposited on the bottom of the aquarium causing the waste particles to rise to the surface rendering cleaning easier. AQUASALZ increases the quantity of oxygen which is often lacking in aquariums, above all during the summer season when temperatures are higher. AQUASALZ also maintains the water crystal clear and ensures the safe growth of fish and plants.