I valori pH nell’acquario d’acqua dolce sono compresi tra 6,5 e 7,0 e in acquari d’acqua marina sono compresi tra 8,1 e 8,4. L’abbassamento o l’innalzamento di questi valori è molto pericoloso per i pesci. MUTAPHI “M” pH+/KH+ è una soluzione che innalza il pH fino al livello desiderato.

Available size:

100 ml - Item code PH+100

250 ml - Item code PH+250

500 ml - Item code PH+500

5000 ml - Item code MM5000

Control the pH level of the water using PRODAC’S PRODACTEST pH and if it results to be lower than the values given, pour 3 ml of MUTAPHI M pH+/KH+ for every 20 lt of water directly into the aquarium. After about 2 hours recontrol the pH value. If the pH level has not increased to the required value, add a further dosage of 3 ml of MUTAPHI M pH+/KH+ for every 20 lt and recontrol the pH after 2 hours. Repeat this procedure until obtaining the required pH level. Caution: it is of utmost importance to gradually and slowly return the pH level to its correct value, abrupt changes in pH are harmful to the fish. It is recommended to store this product in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and to keep out of reach of children.


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