A water conditioner for fresh and salt water aquariums, and necessary to neutralise the chlorine and chloramines from tap water, to reduce the heavy metal polluting effects of chemicals in the tap water and to prepare the water for your fish. It is enhanced with ALOE VERA a special natural colloid which protects the surface and gills of fish. ALOE VERA has the ability to heals wound and promote regeneration of damaged fish tissue. AQUASANA must be used immediately after filling your new aquarium and when water is partially replaced as it maintains the pH level stable and is an ideal and efficient to reduce fish stress.

Available size:

30 ml - Item code ASAN30

100 ml - Item code ASAN100

250 ml - Item code ASAN250

500 ml - Item code ASAN500

5000 ml - Item code ASANA5LT

Aloe vera is a succulent plant of African origin, currently diffuse in many tropical and subtropical regions of the planet. The pulp of its leaves contains more than 70 biologically active molecules in the form of mucilaginous gel and latex: vitamins, polysaccharides, fatty acids, minerals, etc.

Many of these have a prebiotic action, i.e. they stimulate the growth of the intestinal bacterial flora that keeps the digestive tract healthy.

In fish, acemannan is particularly effective: a polysaccharide contained in aloe extract that can stimulate body growth, resistance to infections, appetite and the production of immune cells.

It also probably stimulates sexual maturation. In order for its prebiotic action to work, fish must ingest aloe products several times a week, in constant amounts.

Dosage 30 ml: add 1 drop of AQUASANA per litre at any water change.

Dosage 100-250-500-5000 ml: add 5 ml to every 250 litres of water. After utilizing AQUASANA close the bottle and store in a cool place away from direct light sources. It is recommended to always keep out of reach of children.



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