Is a water treatment for freshwater aquariums which controls, prevents and eliminates the growth of algae and infusoria that is harmful to fish, and above all to aquatic plants. Green algae, not only grows on the bottom of the aquarium and on the decorations, but it can also develop on the foliage of aquatic plants impeding their growth.

Available size:

100 ml - Item code AG100.01

250 ml - Item code AG250.01

Depending on the extent of opaqueness and colour of the water, once a week add 10 ml every 50 litres of water. To prevent the growth of algae and infusoria, as well as using ALGA CONTROL it is recommended to: make sure the aquarium is not in direct sunlight, do not overfeed, control water acidity (pH) and adjust lighting and use appropriate light bulbs for aquariums. Keep out of reach of children.