Feed material consisting of 100% freeze-dried ARTEMIA, brine shrimps with a high-protein content and ideal for saltwater fish.

Composition: 100% aquatic invertebrates (Artemia salina).

Analytical constituents: crude protein 46,95%, crude ash 17,36%, crude fat 6,97%, crude fibres 2,04%, moisture 7,48%.

Available size:

100 ml - 10 gr - Item code AR100.1

250 ml - 20 gr - Item code AR250.1


The so-called natural foods consist of whole organisms, not submitted to the usual processing. Supplementing the habitual diet of fish with natural food is very important: not only are the animals stimulated, through sight and smell, to their natural behaviour of hunting and preying, but it has also been demonstrated that whole foods promote the proper development and functionalities of the internal organs, especially in young, growing fish.

The freeze-drying process (freezing followed by dehydrating in a controlled atmosphere) to which these foods are submitted keeps all their nutritional properties practically intact - including vitamins. When they are later re-hydrated with water and then offered, the fish will be ingesting a complete food that is almost identical to natural live food.

Using natural freeze-dried food is recommended in particular for fish used to hunting live prey, or during the adaptation phase, when conventional fish food is not accepted.

Fish food produced by PRODAC INTERNATIONAL is all contained in biodegradable plastic jars - including the lids.

“An act of love for fish and the environment” is the definition the company has given to this result, the only one in the world, achieved after years of investment in research.

The containers require no special treatment to begin their decomposition process: they fully degrade in the presence of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria once they are thrown away. The product is patented.