Compound feed in flakes for all ornamental goldfish and cold water fish.

Composition: cereals.

Analytical constituents: raw proteins 7,69%, raw fibres 2,54%, raw fats 2,31%, raw ashes 1,0%, moisture 8,83%.

Available size:

50 ml - 6 gr - Item code GF50.1

100 ml - 12 gr - Item code GF100.1

250 ml - 35 gr - Item code GF250.1

1200 ml - 160 gr - Item code GF1200

11 lts - 1 Kg - Item code GF1KG


Cereals make up a good food integrative suitable for all predominantly vegetarian fish, like many of the Cyprinidae family (carps, etc.).

The starch contained in cereals is effectively digested by these animals thanks to their very large intestinal tracts and to the synthesis of amylases, enzymes dedicated to the digestion of starches. Being poor in proteins and therefore easier to digest, food containing cereals can be used to feed fish in the transition phases between seasons (e.g. in autumn and spring), when their metabolism slows down.

Once their metabolic activities return to their normal levels, one can maintain a small percentage of cereals in the diet, to facilitate the absorption of other nutrients, such as proteins.

Fish food produced by PRODAC INTERNATIONAL is all contained in biodegradable plastic jars - including the lids.

“An act of love for fish and the environment” is the definition the company has given to this result, the only one in the world, achieved after years of investment in research.

The containers require no special treatment to begin their decomposition process: they fully degrade in the presence of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria once they are thrown away. The product is patented.