Carbon dioxide is an essential element for plants and in particular for their structure. In an aquarium environment carbon dioxide is in part produced by the fish, which however is an insufficient quantity for the plants, and more specifically for the foliage or « greenery » which is normally a predominate feature in an ornamental aquarium. These effervescent NUTRON CO2 tablets not only release carbon dioxide in the water, but other nutritional substances for stimulating a lush plant growth, an important advantage over the use of CO2 bottles which only release carbon dioxide. These NUTRON CO2 tablets are quick dissolving (approx. 10-15 sec.) and do not leave traces of excipients substances contained in the tablets act as the reaction medium and are absorbed rapidly by the plants.

Available size:

20 Tablets - Item code CO2

One tablet for every 50 lt of water, once a week. Simply drop the tablet in the middle of the aquarium. If more tablets are required, drop them in different points in the aquarium allowing a uniform release of carbon dioxide in the water. Up to a 40% over dosage is tolerated and does not harm the fish. It is not a PPP (plant protection product). This is not a fertilizer.


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