Any efficient product for ornamental aquariums does not appears overnight. It is the result of vast experience based on an extraordinary and detailed knowledge of fish. Prodac international has this extensive experience dating back to 1976, when  the company began to research, develop and manufacture suitable and specific products of vital importance to the fish-keeping market.


Premium salt

The company was a pioneer in the production of synthetic marine salt. In 1983, after years of research, Prodac International formulated a product which has since been constantly improved and enhanced. The salt is produced entirely in Italy and is almost 100% pure. Each gram of sea salt contains the same mix of trace elements found in natural marine water that is  necessary for the organisms to survive.


R&D targeted to environment

All fish food produced by the company is packed in tubes that are 100 percent biodegradable including the label and cap. “An act of love towards the fish and the environment” is how Prodac International describes this  unique result which has been achieved after many years of investments in research. The tubs do not need any special treatment to start the decomposition  process, they completely biodegrade, both aerobically and  anaerobically, when they are thrown in any place where other substances are decomposing.


International position

The company’s strategy to manufacture their products only in Italy has proven to be rewarding, with successful sales in 37 countries with constant expansion in the Far Eastern markets:  South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. In November 2009 the company started a joint venture with a Chinese partner for the distribution of Prodac international brand in Mainland China. Further to this agreement, Prodac International sells aquarium electrical equipment in Europe and offers a full range of aquarium products to the market providing a full range of aquarium solutions.


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