PRODAC INTERNATIONAL R & D Department in collaboration with the most important experts in the field, has obtained a marine salt which is perfect for breeding and stocking crayfish, lobster and any  kind of crustacean for human feeding in restaurant and in fishmonger’s shop. OCEAN LOBSTER salt has 8.1 pH value, it is totally fast soluble and  keeps water crystal clear. It contains all the necessary trace elements for keeping crustaceans not only alive but also very safe because it re-creates the biological balance of the sea water in tank. Instructions for use: dissolve 33-35 gr/l salt in osmotic water if possible. Tap water does not jeopardize the efficiency of the salt  provided that water is kept still for 12-24 hours before use, to allow oxygenation and chlorine evaporation.

It is recommended to always control the ideal water temperature  6° C - 8° C and the density of salt water, which must be 1024-1025 for crayfish and 1028 for lobster. For maintaining a correct  biological balance in the tank  it is recommended to change 25% of the water each two months or more frequently if the stocked quantity of crustacean is high.



 Ocean Lobster